Saku Superfoods Ruby Ginger

Saku Superfoods Ruby Ginger

  • $20.00

Ruby Ginger features the nourishing benefits of beetroot & coconut milk in a velvety latte blend. Ginger and cinnamon give the perfect amount of zing. Beetroot is a powerhouse superfood that’s naturally sweet and delicious.

  • Served in cafes across the country
  • Organic & GMO free
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant rich
  • Anti-aging, detoxifying, boosts cardiovascular health, stamina & brain health
  • Sugar, Soy & Gluten Free
  • Vega

Organic ingredients:  ​
beetroot, coconut milk powder (coconut, tapioca, acacia), cinnamon, ginger & ashwagandha root.

Contains: tree nuts (coconut)

For a perfect cup of Ruby Ginger…

1. Mix 1 tsp SAKU ™ Ruby Ginger with a splash of hot water.
2. Stirring, add 12oz of your favorite hot milk.
3. Enhance with sweetener of your choice (optional).

Made from pure ground spices, so swirl as you sip! Stir SAKU Ruby Ginger into espresso, mix into smoothies, concoct a cocktail, or pour it over ice … enjoy! BE SAKU™