Saku Superfoods Maca Cocoa Jade

Saku Superfoods Maca Cocoa Jade

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Maca Cocoa Jade is rich, malty and packed with goodness. Matcha has long been revered as a source of energy and focus during meditation. Combined with equally powerful maca root and cacao, nothing will stop you!

  • Served in cafes across the country
  • Organic & GMO free
  • Anti-oxidant rich & metabolism booster
  • Mildly caffeinated yet calming for focused energy
  • Maca balances hormones & enhances libido
  • Sugar, Soy & Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Organic ingredients:  ​
matcha, maca, raw cacao, cacao.

For a perfect cup of Maca Cocoa Jade…

  1. Mix 1 tsp SAKU ™ Maca Cocoa Jade with a splash of hot water.
  2. Stirring, add 8oz of your favorite hot milk.
  3. Enhance with sweetener of your choice (optional).

Made from pure ground spices, so swirl as you sip! Stir SAKU Maca Cocoa Jade into espresso, mix into smoothies, concoct a cocktail, or pour it over ice … enjoy! BE SAKU™