Kona Rainforest Farm, Organic, Hawaii USA

Kona Rainforest Farm, Organic, Hawaii USA

  • $35.00

For Kona RainForest Farms (KRF), it’s a story that’s part good luck, part hard work and part passion. Thanks to the perfect combination of volcanic soil, sunshine, rainfall and temperature (around 80⁰ in the daytime and 60⁰ at night), and location at the 2000-foot elevation on the flanks of Mauna Loa the coffee coming out of Kona is some of the best in the world.

One of the first decisions the Barnes made to ensure quality and great taste was to grow KRF coffee organically. Growing organic coffee – and less than 2% of all Kona coffee is grown this way – takes more work because you can’t use conventional growing techniques that typically rely on agrochemical pesticides and manufactured fertilizers. KRF, instead, makes its own mulch from leftover coffee pulp and uses a variety of natural methods for pest and weed control and fertilizer. Application and use takes more time and effort, but it means a completely natural product. KRF coffee is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture through the International Certification Services. Along with growing coffee organically, the farm also operates sustainably – with electric power from the sun, a backup generator and water from rainwater caught in catchment tanks. 14oz can.


It jumps with flavor, leaving a Caramel aftertaste with full bodied hints of fruit.